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It’s an endless struggle to try to keep your home clean, neat, and tidy. Between work and personal life demands, it can be almost impossible to find the time to do a proper job cleaning your home. That is even more difficult if you have a spouse and children running around making more of a mess. The ideal solution to your problems may be hiring a housekeeper or housekeeping services company. These professionals can help to ensure your home remains clean and livable, the way you want it to, and work with almost any budget. They offer a wide variety of services depending on the company, region, and the needs of the customer. And of course, housekeepers and housekeeping services companies provide tremendous benefits to consumers, not the least of which is less time spent cleaning and more time spent living life.

Read on to learn more about housekeepers and housekeeping services. We’ll explore topics like how often they should visit, what services most housekeepers and housekeeping services offer, the benefits and costs of hiring housekeepers or housekeeping services, and provide a guide on choosing the right provider to suit your needs.



One of the main questions that most people ask about housekeepers and housekeeping services, before even getting to the nitty-gritty of what they offer or how much they cost, is how often they should visit? That is going to be somewhat complex to answer and depend much on the needs of the individual homeowner. Some prefer to have a regular, weekly visit from a housekeeper or housekeeping service. Others find that schedule a bit excessive and prefer less frequent visits. Still, others may not want a recurring visit at all, but periodically call for an “on-demand” style appointment when they’re particularly overwhelmed, short on time, or otherwise need a helping hand keeping their home clean.


Most of the top housekeepers and housekeeping services companies have a range of different options for visit frequency. Sometimes, that dictated by the level of service you require, and in other cases, based on staffing and scheduling. Many offer the ability to adjust appointments through an online portal or a customer service center, provided there’s enough advance notice (usually 24 to 72 hours, depending on the housekeeping services company).


Perhaps the most important is to remember that the frequency of visits for housekeepers and housekeeping services is almost always left up to you to determine. After all, these are service companies, designed to serve your needs. So if you need a housekeeper three times a week, that’s perfectly fine, so long as it fits your budget. If you only need them to stop by once every two weeks or once a month, that’s also fine. Most housekeepers and housekeeping services companies will provide a recommendation based on your particular chosen services, cleaning needs, home size, traffic, and other factors, that you can use as a baseline to start. Then, you can change the visit frequency as needed.



The housekeeping services offered by housekeepers and housekeeping services companies can vary quite a bit from company to company, region to region, and so on. Some are very focused on house cleaning and cleaning-related tasks only. Others offer more full-service options that cover a variety of everyday household chores and work. The particular service offerings of any individual housekeeper or housekeeping services company are usually detailed in full on their website or other material, and available either as part of a service package or as an individual, a la carte services that you can pick and choose from to create your service list.


Most commonly, housekeepers and housekeeping services companies do some or all of the following:


  • Light, maintenance-style cleaning as well as targeted deep-cleaning services
  • Bathroom cleaning services
  • Kitchen cleaning services
  • Floor washing, mopping services for tile and wood floors
  • Floor vacuuming services
  • General dusting and tidying services
  • Window treatment dusting, light fixture dusting, and cleaning services
  • Furniture cleaning, polishing, and related service tasks

Less often, some housekeepers and housekeeping services companies may also offer one or more of the following service categories:


  • Laundry services
  • Handyman/household repairs
  • Cooking services
  • Grocery shopping
  • General Errands
  • Outdoor cleaning, including car washing and cleaning services.

Whether or not a particular company offers an individual service or not is usually highlighted on its website or advertising information. Typically, categories of service are listed, rather than an exhaustive list of individual tasks. For example, “dusting” can cover a lot of different activities and specifics. If you ever have a concern about whether or not your chosen company, or potential housekeeper or housekeeping services company does a particular task, it’s best to ask!



It surprises most people that housekeepers and housekeeping services aren’t as expensive as they may think. Most of these housekeeping services companies are well aware that people have different budgets for cleaning and various cleaning needs. Therefore, they offer a range of housekeeping services to cater to those different budgets. Prices tend to vary significantly by region, with areas that have more expensive housing and consumer prices, in general, having higher prices for housekeepers and housekeeping services. Of course, the more extensive housekeeping services you require, the higher the amount you can expect to pay.


The benefits of hiring a housekeeper or housekeeping service company, however, often far outweigh the costs. Not having to worry about housekeeping, or spending precious time for cleaning, etc., are significant incentives for many people. Being able to spend that time with family can be almost priceless. At the same time, for those who would instead do anything else, housekeepers and housekeeping services can be a very reasonable alternative. And, in the case of people who have physical disabilities, mobility issues, or otherwise can’t quite put the effort or time into cleaning and other housekeeping tasks that their home needs, housekeepers or housekeeping services can be a real blessing. There are also physical and mental health benefits found in having and maintaining a cleaner home, and it’s hard to put a price on that.



To help you find the right housekeeper or housekeeping service to fit your budget and particular cleaning needs, we suggest you evaluate them on a few main criteria. That will help you compare each available housekeeper or housekeeping service in your area to one another and allow you to pick the one that offers the right mix of price, service, and quality for you.


  • Licenses and certifications. Quality housekeepers and housekeeping services company should be fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Many may provide references or run background checks on employees, as well as provide training to ensure quality results.
  • Services. Be sure that the housekeeping services company you are looking at has the available housekeeping services you require, and offers them in a way that makes sense for you. Don’t accept one-size-fits-all packages if you have specific needs or a limited budget.
  • Reputation. Spend some time online and do a little research about a potential housekeeper or housekeeping service company before you hire them. Search engines can reveal reviews and information that can help you to find the best housekeeping services professional.
  • Company Information. As part of your research, check up on the housekeeping service company. How long have they been in a housekeeping service business? How big or small is a housekeeping services company, and does that fit with your expectations and housekeeping needs?
  • Cost. Perhaps the most significant consideration for many people is the cost of housekeeping services. You want to ensure you’re not paying too much for housekeeping service, but also beware for too low prices that seem too good to be true.